Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Kid is Smarter Than Your Kid ;-)

My kid is able to get straight A's simply by her brain's existence.

No need to show up for class.

No need to take quizzes.

Tests? Dispense with the formalities.

She is so brilliant, she can achieve a 4.0 with no effort.

What makes me so sure?

We received a report card from the local middle school yesterday. It was in Sugar's name. It had two classes listed. And the grades? Good solid A's.

Here's the thing...

Sugar doesn't attend the local middle school. She never has.

Last year, at the appropriate time, we sent in the form that said she would NOT BE ATTENDING the middle school. In the early summer, we received her course schedule. Again, I called and told them that Sugar would not be attending. When we got the bus schedule for her in August, I beat my head against the wall. So now, a report card, with A's. I guess her reputation as an excellent student preceded her.

Steve called today and they sounded puzzled, and apologized for the mix-up, promised to straighten it out . We'll see how she does next semester. ;-)

Blessings to you,


Anonymous said...

That is too funny! Thanks for the laugh, Julie!

Alice said...

I'm laughing here too, but actually, that's a bit scary! They talk about grade inflation, but how can a parent trust any grade if a teacher doesn't even notice if a student is there?! Once again, I'm glad I homeschool and am sure my children show up, do their work, and master the material before we move on. -- Alice

Laurie said...

He He!!! Wow!! We knew Sugar was brilliant!!

SLB said...

Wow that's weird,now i am afraid of computerization...I can't imagine that those kind of lapses will happen in a school in USA, an isolated case maybe? Now, you have a stronger point for home schooling...

Kim said...

That's fabulous - you should put it up on the fridge! :)