Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Puppy Love

We have entered a new phase of our lives, uncharted waters, strange territory...

Sugar has become smitten with a young man. The feeling is mutual. He is a good kid from a nice family. They are both in 5th grade, but at different schools. They see each other at church on Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings. It's all very innocent. They just talk and giggle and smile whenever they are together.

They exchanged special valentine's with each other. He got her heart-shaped Junior Mints and she got him a big Hershey's Kiss.

There are times where she walks around with a silly grin on her face and a far away, dreamy look in her eyes.

Oh, we are so not ready for this....

Blessings to you,


SLB said...

Welcome to the club my dear friend, i know the feeling.. I am having my 2nd time now...Open communication will help a lot...Just be there and listen with your heart.Just make sure she will be aware of the difference between fantasy and reality. I remember your dear husband giving me advise back then. relax..

Laurie said...

Awhhh! Puppy Love :) How sweet! You'll have to teach us this when you have gone through it--We've never done the "girl thing"!