Monday, March 2, 2009


Yesterday, we stood before our church and promised that we would do everything we could to bring Cupcake up in the ways of our Lord. We asked our church family to help with the job. They prayed for us.

It was the formal ceremony announcing what has already been happening for the last 3 years.

We have been waiting a long time for this day. We wanted Cupcake to understand what we were doing. We didn't want her to be freaked out or confused. I'm so glad we waited.

We have been coaching Cupcake for a couple of weeks now....

"We're going to stand up in the front of the church so everyone can see you."

"Pastor Randy will say your whole name."

"We want to tell everyone that God gave you to us."

"We want the whole church to know that God loves you forever, and so do we."

"The church wants to teach you to love Jesus."

"They are going to pray for us."

"It's a special day."

It was a special day. We walked into the service and the first song was "Everlasting God". That song was the theme song for our adoption. It ministered to us so many times while we were waiting...especially when things were uncertain. The first words are "Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord, wait upon the Lord, wait upon the Lord." Then, when Cupcake came home, that was her first lullaby. On her 3rd day home, she crawled into my arms to take a bottle. I started singing. By the time she had been home a week, she was singing, "wait upon the Lord, wait upon the Lord, wait upon the Lord." It was a healing balm for both of us. I still use this song to calm her and me down when life is uncertain.

After the service, I asked our music leader if he picked that song just for us. (He's a good friend and knows how much it means to me.) He said, "No. I had no idea she was getting dedicated this week when I picked the music. It was just a God thing."

How cool is that?


About a month ago, on the very morning that I called my pastor to talk with him about the dedication, I received this email from our dear friends, J and L. Now, understand that J and L were in the process to adopt Cupcake in 2005. The adoption fell through and they lost all contact with Cupcake. Eventually, they found us online and we have established a wonderful friendship. They have prayed for us and blessed us in so many ways. (JG is the daughter they eventually adopted from Guatemala.)

Hi Julie,
The Lord has put you guys on my heart so many times, and especially lately. I hope this note finds you all healthy and happy.
The Lord brought you guys to mind last Sunday during our music worship. JG was resting on J's shoulder, something about the way she looked to me, reminded me of Cupcake when we took her to the church adjacent to the Marriott.
Did I tell you this story? It was such a blessing and comfort to me, I hope it would be to you too. Cupcake and J and I were walking around the courtyard on a Sunday morning missing our church, our children and our worship, when we were sure we heard worship music from nearby. We were compelled to find this church and take Cupcake. Initially, we were told the church was meeting in the hotel but in fact it was meeting beside. It was scary, (but very thrilling, knowing we were compelled by God!) at first, to pass the men with the machine guns, to get to the service,but the Godly people worshiping put us at ease quickly. We sat down in the back, and just soaked in the sights and sounds and Spirit of worship. (I get the chills just thinking of it!!!) With in minutes, Cupcake was asleep on J's shoulder, so peaceful. Sometime into the service, the Elders and their wives went to the front and everyone began praying. We just prayed in our hearts and soaked in the other's prayers, not really knowing their words. As we were bowed, praying, an Elder and his wife came up to us and put their hands on us and began praying and praying, for some time. They were praying for the "nina" and the "familia" so passionately. We were filled with such peace for Cupcake----God had orchestrated this whole experience to bless Cupcake!! In a Guatemalan church and in our hearts we dedicated her to the Lord. Cupcake just slept through the whole service and Vivian, a new friend, walked us back to the hotel.
I realize now, this story is just as much, or more, your story, as ours! The family the Elders were praying for was yours and your little "nina". God had to go to such great extents to get us to go to the worship service and have the awesome experience of seeing Cupcake blessed!!!
I know you know God is helping you and your family and he has great plans for you all, but I thought you might be blessed to hear this story, your story of your blessing.
You are so dear to us!
Love, L and J (and gang)
Is God big, or what?

He is just as surely blessing J and L's familia and their nina as ours.

We have known from the beginning that Cupcake belongs to the Lord. He is doing mighty things in her life. We are just along for the ride.

Blessings to you,


ManyBlessings said...

These stories take my breath away...



Laurie said...

Awwe, how sweet! I do love that story! ;o) We love you guys too!!!
Laurie <><

Tracy said...

wow. God is so good.