Thursday, February 19, 2009

Doctor's Report - CT Scan

On Monday, after we got home from the Emergency Room, Cupcake's Ear Specialist called. The results of the CT Scan were in. They wanted to talk to us in person to go over the results.

Uh-oh. :-(

They mentioned that they found malformations in both ears, but really needed to talk to us face to face.

Breathe deep.

I was loaded up on pain killers and completely unsure of what was coming up this week, so I asked her to call back later when things were not quite swirling so out of control over here.

Then I remembered that Daddy and I had an appointment today with our adoption attorney in the same part of town. I called the Dr. back and was able to get an appointment today before our other appointment.

So, this is what she said....

Cupcake's right ear has a cochlear malformation. She showed us the CT pictures. That explains why she can not hear with her right ear. Then she showed us her left ear pictures. She has the same malformation on the left side. That does not explain why she can hear with her left ear.

This doctor has never seen a child with two malformations of this kind where the child can hear with one ear. They are almost always totally deaf.

Now, the bad news... at any time, Cupcake could begin to lose hearing in her good ear. It could happen gradually, over time. It may get worse and better, and worse and better. Or, at any point, she could lose her hearing all together in an instant. They just don't know. There are too many variables and too much stuff that they just don't know.

Our plan is to closely monitor the hearing in her good ear (testing every 3 months). If, at any time, we notice a decrease, we are to get her in immediately for a test. If she looses some hearing, they will fit her with a hearing aid, so she can continue to develop speech and language in the best circumstances possible. We will put her in speech therapy, so we can get her language up to speed as quickly as possible. The better her speech and language is, the better she will be able to cope as a deaf person in a hearing world... Just in case it happens sooner rather than later.

The good news... God has given her 5 years of good hearing. That, in itself, may be a miracle. She may have many more years with no problem. He has placed her in a family that loves her dearly and will do everything to help her make it in this world. He has rescued her from a culture that could not or would not help her. He is God and He has a plan for her (and us). We will trust Him in this.

Blessings to you,


ManyBlessings said...

Wow. I am speechless.

How are YOU doing with this? ((HUGS))


Faith, Family, Future said...

Oh my gracious. I will be covering you all in prayers. Especially for Cupcake.


Laurie said...

Oh My, wow!
We're holding you all up in prayer. Sending lots of hugs to you, only I wish it were in person.
Blessings,Laurie <><

wvamom said...

Wow! What a shock! I am praying that she gets to keep her hearing in her "good" ear. For good. Thanks for letting us know.

I hope your ankle heals quickly, too.