Thursday, November 13, 2008

Geographically Gifted

One of Cupcake's unusual gifts is the ability to remember locations. When she first came home, we went to visit the pediatrician. The next time we drove past the hospital where his office is located, she yelled out, "Doctoro!" and pointed to the building.

Wow! That's pretty good.

The same with church.

The same with my friends' houses.

The same with the dentist office, Kohl's, and Wal-Mart, and the church where the boys have Scouts.

The week she came home (late May), Sunshine and Sugar had testing at local foundation for homeschoolers. TE began taking classes there in September. She immediately recognized it as the same place - only TE goes in a different door than the other kids went in.

Whenever we go past familiar intersections, she will recite all the things that are to the right, to the left and straight ahead. And she is dead on...even if you come at the intersection from a different direction. The other day, she gave Daddy directions to take TE to school and back when I was caring for Sugar.

When we back out of the driveway, she wants to know which way we are going. When we get somewhere, she wants to know which way is home.

I think this incredible understanding of the local geography is one of her survival skills. I know that she was often moved with no forewarning. I think she wants to be able to get home if anything happens to her.

I think home is a good thing for her. :-)

But there are drawbacks to having a child with this incredible skill...

...A funny thing happened on the way to the hairdresser...

Several weeks ago, we were on our way to get haircuts (the kids and I). We had had a late lunch and were running late. (We are always running late, but I digress....) Cupcake had a chicken strip left to eat when we needed to head out the door, so she brought it in the car.

About two miles from home, she says, "Mommy, I done. Here..." and she hands me the chicken.

We've got at least a 20 minute drive from this point. I can't really drive and hold this greasy chicken and I can't set it in my car. (It's an old car, but I have my standards.)

So, I made an executive decision. I rolled down the window and tossed it into the grass as we were exiting from one highway to another.

Now, don't jump down my throat. We are not litterers. We have made it a point to teach all of our kids that we keep God's earth as clean as possible. But we also have taught them that biodegradable materials are just that...biodegradable... they will turn back into dirt in a pretty short time.

Cupcake gasped when she saw her chicken sailing through the air. So I explained that some raccoon family would have a special treat for dinner that night.

Fast forward a few days....

We are heading to church on a Wednesday night. It's dark. We pass the very same intersection, but instead of exiting, we go straight on. Cupcake starts yelling and jumping and pointing, "DADDY!!! MY CHICKEN'S ON THE FLOOR!!! RIGHT THERE!!!"



By this time, I'm rolling on the floor with laughter. I have to explain to my baffled husband what in the world she is talking about.

The worst part is...we pass this intersection 20 times a week and, no matter which direction we're coming from, Cupcake makes a point to tell us her chicken is on the floor.

Blessings to you,


Katie said...

awwww .. she is truly amazing and will go far in life !!!

Laurie said...

Way to go Cupcake!!!We always knew you'd be a gifted child :)
Love laurie and gang