Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Day at the Park and an (Almost) Kitty Rescue

Two weeks ago (I can't believe I'm so far behind.), on one of those absolutely perfect days, I took the girls to a park in the afternoon. One of the best parts of homeschooling is the flexibility that we have. We had finished most of our work, the weather was perfect, the big kids were still in school and most little kids were still having naptime. I grabbed the camera, some water, and jumped in the van. We were the only ones there.

This was Cupcake's first trip to a park. (Not because we're evil and don't want our kids to have any fun, but because our backyard is like a park.) So when I told her what we were going to do, this was the expression I got...

When we arrived at the park, we started climbing around. Sugar jumps up, yells "STOP! I HEAR SOMETHING! AWWW... It's a kitten..... But where is it?"

The search and rescue begins...

Now, before I need to know that Sugar is absolutely wild about animals of all kinds. She has the biggest compassionate heart towards any living creature on earth - except her sister, but I digress. She has a serious need to rescue critters. So....

It was a small kitten that was hiding in a washed-out hole behind a wall.

I'd like to say it was a dear, precious little cuddle-muffin that just melted into our arms. I'd like to say it was one of those "meant-to-be" moments where everyone just knew that this kitty was meant to be ours...

But this little kitty was scared and angry. Sound familiar?

This little guy hissed at us and growled and generally looked mean. But we're a compassionate family. So, Sugar runs to the car to get some of our cold water and a cup. We set the cup down and walk away. The poor little thing is thirsty.

Pretty soon, the thing is following us around, crying and hissing.

I get "the look" from Sugar.

"We can't just leave it, Mom"


So the rest of the afternoon was spent playing and begging. I actually got some good pictures that I took myself - a bit of a miracle.

So, softie that I am, we go home to get the pet carrier, the neighbor girl (a cat lover) and some delicious turkey and giblets kitty food. We head back to the park with a plan.

We will rescue the kitty and take him to a no-kill shelter that is just up the road. Why not keep it, you ask? I'm not really a cat person and Sunshine is allergic to cats. Plus, we have 4 other pets. (Bunny, Guinea Pig, Toad and Gecko)

When we get back to the park, there are kids everywhere. And all of them want to see and help rescue the kitty.

Of course, with all the curious eyes, kitty was holed up in the safety of his little cave...for 2 hours.

Finally, we gave up because it was time to get the other kids to church. After we dropped the kids at church, we went back to the park. This time only 2 kids were there gawking at the rescue efforts. We were there 'til dark - no luck.

The next day after school, we pile in the van ONE MORE TIME. When we got to the park, "Animal Rescue" people were there with equipment and uniforms.

I explain to the kids that these people know what they're doing and kitty will be taken care of.

Still - the disappointment in not being THE ONE to rescue him made Sugar very sad.


Stay tuned for Chapter 2...(It took me SO long to type in this post that now we have moved on to another rescue...sigh)

Blessings to you,

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